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Basic Dome Port

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Want to get those amazing semi submerged shots/ video between air and water like the pros? This is how THEY get their best shots!

The DOME PORT, is a high quality piece of equipment that is vital for anyone shooting in or around water. It works by pushing the water line further away from the camera lens, this allows the camera to focus on the water line much better, making it much sharper and more noticeable in your shots, and also allows more detail either side of the water line to be captured.


Package Included:

1x Dome Port with Waterproof Housing

1x Floaty Grip

1x Screw

1x Bag


 Try using this dome with our unique DOME MATE stabiliser system, see the DOME MATE here:



1) It is recommended that you water test every new housing without your cam inside, to ensure it is completely water tight. Speaking from experience, I've had brand new housings that come with new GoPro cams leak, so always test without a cam inside first. A deep bucket or tub is ideal (or pool/ large body of water), submerse the housing as deep as possible, and look for any air bubbles rising that indicate air is escaping through a leak, and where the leak is. If you dont notice any leaks, double check the housing for moisture when you open it back up, in case you missed an air bubble or two. It can never hurt to be thorough!

2) One trick to ensure all seals work well, is apply a petroleum based lubricant to all seals, this includes wiping the back door seal, to ensure it is dust and grit free. And also applying a few drops in the top of each button (all 3) from both sides (inside and out), push the button several times to feel for smooth action, and to work the oil right into the seals. This will both lubricate them, and act as an additional sealant. After this, dab down inside the housing with a clean cloth to ensure theres no drips left over, and housing is completely clean.  Re test under water.

Suitable for these cam models:

  • Hero 2
  • Hero 3
  • Hero 4
  • Eken H3

NOTE: GoPro Hero 5 does NOT fit

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