The selfie stick, or Monopod, is an essential item in any GoPro-ers accessory kit!

But with so many to choose from, its hard to know where to begin. So let us give you some info, to help you make the right decision for your planned activities.


Floaty mount - Designed to be as basic and compact as possible, yet providing a great way to control camera angles by hand, and also acting as a floating backup measure should you let go of the cam in water.



Classic monopod - An inexpensive selfie stick option with telescopic extension and adjustable head angle, they are only chrome plated, and will tend to rust if exposed to water. Recommended for dry situations such as walking/ hiking.

The classic monopod


3 way extension stick - A compact and versatile item, in folded form its just a basic hand held mount, but it can open up to about 600mm total length, and can be used in several different positions. It also houses a little tripod in the main handle.

3 way extension arm


36" premium monopodAn amazing selfie stick for when you need alot of extension, at around 1000mm, it gets the cam right away from the body for amazing scenic shots. The telescopic extension can also lock in position with a simple twist lock action. Great for water activities.

36" Premium monopod