Free shipping is offered with every single product we sell, no minimums, no exceptions!


Processing and shipping:

If you will soon be travelling or moving, get in touch via our contact form, and let us know the required by date, we'll let you know if its possible to receive by then.


Shipping details:

Please ensure you enter ALL fields correctly, this includes postal code, state and phone number (complete with international dialling code). If these fields are not filled in correctly, there will be delays while we e-mail you for correct information.


Countries excluded from direct purchasing:

Some countries have been excluded from being able to place orders, due to hostile environments, or frequency in which fraudulent orders occur. Our apologies if your country falls into this category.

You may still place an order, however you will need to e-mail us via the contact us form, and payment is strictly via Paypal


Please note:

We utilise several different suppliers to bring you the best selection of parts and accessories, so please don't be alarmed if you place an order for multiple items, and only part of that order arrives, the rest will arrive very soon after.