Welcome to Pro Gear

Welcome to Pro Gear

So, let us start by introducing our selves.

So a few friends who are mad keen on water sports such as surfing, bodyboarding, kite surfing and SUPs, got GoPro Hero 3s when they first came out, and we're hooked!

The more we used them, the more we wanted to take things to the next level, find newer and cooler ways to use our cams, but to do that, we needed more accessories!

We're not huge fans of using online markets for this stuff, because most sellers who stock GoPro accessories on ebay, stock a million other different things, so they're only trying to cash in on stuff thats popular they're not fans or users them selves, so how could they offer advice on what we need?. And we firmly believe, support those who share your passions!

We found some sites that we're specifically related to GoPro gear, but found their stock range was limited, pricey and charged a small fortune for shipping, we knew something needed to change in the niche industry....

So we shopped where we could, started gathering accessories, using them, figuring out their strengths and weaknesses. And at that point, we decided to explore business potential, finding great accessories, from reliable suppliers, and offer you guys great prices and free shipping anywhere in the world, even to Fiji!

And here we are! Pro Gear is the place we want all of you to think of when you need accessories or spares, to help fuel your passion for awesome photos and vids!

We have the biggest range out of anyone outside markets like ebay, the best prices, and remember the clincher, FREE SHIPPING!

If theres something you need, that we dont stock, let us know! But we keep checking in store search terms, just to be sure as well. We will always work to make PRO GEAR better and better, and we will work hard to ensure your experience with us is an awesome, so you tell your friends. We hope it will become more than a store, we want it to become a community! And we can't do that without you guys!

We look forward to servicing your GoPro accessory needs, and answering any questions you have.

Keep it real!